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Biodiesel - An Introduction

With increasing gas prices it seems like there is a rising interest to research for an alternative solution. People who drive will want something that will reduce their petrol costs. A number of them want a type of fuel that is cleaner and safer. They also want something that will not cost so much.

Since then, a number of alternative fuel have been introduced in the market and some of the alternatives have great results. Biodiesel is one of the popular alternative fuel that offers the general public a good fuel alternative.

The Different Fuel

One of the things that makes Biodiesel so different from the other alternatives out there is that you do not need to buy a special vehicle or even modify your current car to use Biodiesel. If your car uses diesel fuel then you can use Biodiesel.

Biodiesel is quite different from regular diesel fuel, but it's always something good. Biodiesel burns like any other diesel fuel which is the very reason why you can use it in your car just as you would regular diesel. In addition, it is a known fact that Biodiesel burns cleaner, so less wear and tear and less pollution. What's even better, Biodiesel is also safer with less chance of explosion or fire.

Biodiesel Blends

Most commercial Biodiesel in the market today are blended version. What this means is that Biodiesel and regular diesel are mixed at various levels. This is done because Biodiesel at its purest form does not perform well with traditional rubber parts found in vehicles. Hoses and other rubber parts wear down over time with Biodiesel use. Mixing Biodiesel and regular diesel into a blend will help to correct this common issue.

B100 (ie. 100% Biodiesel) is non-blended Biodiesel is also sold commercially. The reason why they are sold is because some car owners have removed the rubber parts in their engine. They will get the best benefit from using pure Biodiesel. However, a blended Biodiesel is still better than straight diesel fuel and it can be used in any diesel vehicle safely.

The Myths of Biodiesel

There are quite a number of myths about Biodiesel that cause people to think twice about using it. The issue of Biodiesel breaking down rubber parts is not an issue at all. Replacement of the rubber parts is not expensive compared to the problems that may arise from using regular diesel. Biodiesel is much cleaner and so you will not experience greater wear and tear. That means that you will have lesser servicing done to your vehicle.

People are starting to realize that Biodiesel is just a better choice overall. In spite of all the negative reports and criticism, Biodiesel is, without a doubt, a proven alternative fuel for drivers today.

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