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Build Your Own Electric Car

With petrol prices getting higher and higher, electric cars are the cars of the future. We found a few manuals you could use to build your own electric car.

First a warning, the writers of these manuals will tell you it is a piece of cake to convert your car, but if I were you I would not start to rip out the engine of your brand new Mercedes and put a electric engine in it.

Maybe I would look for a cheap, small second hand car, maybe one with a seized engine, so it is really cheap, and start with this one as an experiment. Could be a lot of fun!!

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Run Your Car With Electricity

Run Your Car With Electricity is going to teach you everything you need to know about powering your own car with electricity. With this complete step-by-step setup manual you will be able to create your electric car in your own garage or backyard!

If you are interested in learning exactly how to convert your car to run with electricity and eliminate your gas bill than this is the perfect resource for you!

Peter's complete step-by-step manual will have you converting your own car to run on electricity for less than $300

Get your manual so you to can:
Run Your Car With Electricity

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Convert Your Car To An Electric Car

Many people believe that you need mechanical skills to make an electric car. But, making an electric car is actually quite simple if you have something to guide you along the way.

After you know which car you will use, you will need to buy an AC or DC Motor. If you want a charge of 100-200 miles you will need to get around 20 batteries. Gas 2 Electricity shows you how to get lots of batteries for free, so you do not have to worry about the cost.

Remember each time you do a conversion, it will get easier. So the first time may take 14 hour, but the 2nd time will only take 7 hours! You could even open a local shop in your town to do these conversions for people!

So start converting now
Convert Your Car To An Electric Car

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