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"I have utilized my years of Manga drawing and teaching experience and formulated a concise and very easy to follow 'how to draw Manga' book called 'Mad About Manga'."
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Create Your Own Anime Site

Initially, we scoured the internet for information on setting up our very own anime website… but we didn’t find anything useful. There was nothing about starting your own amine website from scratch – not on forums or message boards or on any websites. We asked friends, other anime lovers and even a few web designers we knew…. but it didn't really got us anywhere.

Frustrated, we eventually paid a designer to design and set up our website and we launched our very first anime website in October 2006.

But now it’s time for you to quit imagining your dream and start making it a reality. I know you can do it. The Create An Anime Site is a fool-proof plan that gives you step-by-step instructions to creating, managing and monetizing your very own anime website.

Create Your Own Anime Site

Create An Anime Site

You don’t need any experience to set-up or manage your site – we have made the set-up of your site that simple.

You don’t have to throw thousands or even hundreds of dollars down the drain – we have taken out all the risk by using a proven plan that has worked time and time again.

You can make your own, personal anime site – from scratch in about 48 hours.

You can develop your site about any genre, any style, or about any form of anime you choose – the freedom and the possibilities are infinite.

You can make your anime site just as a passion project or you can make money from it – the decision is all yours.

When you order Create An Anime Site today, you will receive the complete guide, instantly, via the internet. Look over it, read the information and put at least the first 2 steps of the program into effect. You will see for yourself how easy it can be to start your own anime website when you have a simple, step-by-step guide.

If for any reason you decide that you don’t want to own your own “little piece of digital anime heaven” you have a full 8 weeks to return the guide for a full refund. It can’t get any easier than that.

Create Your Own Anime Site

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