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PSP X Studio - Convert DVD to PSP

PSP X Studio allows you to Download, Copy And Transfer Full DVD Quality movies, video clips,music videos, plus more! You can transfer films from your PC to your PSP with ease! Copy your own DVD collection or Download from the millions of movies already available online!

All you need is a DVD drive in your computer, a PSP USB cable, and at least a 256MB Memory Card. You will be able to transfer films or Movie Clips from your PC to your PSP!

Convert DVD to PSP

PSP X Studio

New Technology Available Only From PSP X Studio

Simple & easy to use eBook style guide on; Playing ISO files, Ripping UMD's, Converting and transferring movies and changing your firmware version!

Emulation software to run game backups from your memory stick!

UMD ISO Shrinker, to compress your game backups!

UMD Ripper software, to backup your UMD games to ISO's!

Video conversion and transfer software, to put your videos onto your PSP with ease!

Complete software file structure to transfer for immediate use. All you need to do is a simple drag and drop onto your memory stick and you're done!

The above file structure, also automatically configures your PSP to be region-free with any type of UMD!

Convert DVD to PSP

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