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The Metal Plating Bible

The Metal Plating Bible

Good information on metal plating and/or electroplating is extremely hard to find. All over the country there are thousands of individual folks just like you, that are very interested in learning how to do their own metal plating.

Up until recently, this type of metal plating information was impossible to find. There just wasn't anywhere for an apiring metal plater to turn to if they needed easily actionable, straightforward, and useable metal plating information that they could learn and use immediately.

Thanks to the vast efforts of 3 true metal-plating experts, what could effectively be dubbed "the Bible" of metal plating for the home or shop metal plater has been created!

Metal Plating



The "Metal Plating Bible"

The definitive guide to metal plating for the home, or amature metal plating enthusiast.

If it's Metal-Plating related, this book covers it, in excruciating detail. No matter what you need to know about metal plating, this book will tell you!

Complete information the fundamentals of metal plating, detailed info on the electroplating process, and other plating methods, how they all work with different metals, choosing power sources, supplies and more.

Exactly how to set up your own metal plating shop at home with the absolute smallest ammount of money. All about the equipment you need to buy based on your specific metal plating goals.

Discover how to make 90% of the chemicals you'll need yourself, saving yourself mountains of cash.

Exactly how to plate any type of metal, on a small scale, with sparkling perfection!

Secrets of plating metal on hard-to-plate areas. We'll cover the most difficult plating situations including plating nuts and bolts, insides of metal boxes boxes, on ridged surfaces, alongside holes, plastics and more. There will be no surface or object you can't flawlessly plate.

Metal Plating

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