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Grand Banks Dory


Building a 16 ft. Grand Banks Dory

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Grand Banks Dory boat building plans

Build Your Grand Banks Dory

What do you get when you take a man who has been building top quality wooden boats for more then 50 years, give him a digital camera and you force him to document his every step in the boat building process?

You get the absolute best set of do-it-yourself Banker Dory boat building plans on the face of this planet....Plans that anyone can follow regardless of experience!

Click here to get your 16' Grand Banks Dory boat building plans

16' Grand Banks Dory

I have been building wooden boats all of my life. I know every dory cut and angle inside and out and have built em in all shapes and sizes. The plans offered here are based upon my many years of boat building experience and I know you will have many hours of enjoyment building and using your Grand Banks Dory.
Wilbert Weir

These are not like any other dory building plans you have ever seen before. This is much more then just a bunch of drawings and measurements. They include step by step detail, and crystal clear digital images to accompany each and every step and building material.

We build a 16' Dory boat right in front of your eyes. You watch us step by step with our included digital pictures and detailed instructions laid out for you in easy to follow language.

Grand Banks Dory boat building plans

All you have to do is follow along with us as we complete each section. You do what you see us doing and explaining to you in the plan document.

Your Banker Dory will be constructed of spruce, birch, oak and lapstreak planked with white pine, held together with stainless steel screws and marine grade chalking. No plywood is used. Only top quality materials and we walk you through every step.

Click here to get your 16' Grand Banks Dory boat building plans

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