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File Sharing - Easiest Way to Download Music

With the rise in popularity of MP3s, i-pods and sophisticated mobile phone technology, people are increasingly looking to the internet to download their favourite songs which can then all be stored electronically.

In 2008, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents 1,400 companies worldwide, estimated that 110 million single tracks were legally downloaded in the UK, a mere fraction really as the report also suggests that as much as 95% of music downloads are illegal.

The Right Format
Before downloading anything from the internet, you should establish what file format you need which will depend on the type of portable music player you`re using. All portable players are compatible with files encoded in the MP3 format but there are few commercial sites that offer them. Apple IPod users will require the ACC format (Advanced Audio Coding) which is also used by the iTunes Music store for people to download music directly to their IPods online. All other portable music players tend to use MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) and most online music stores and services will offer these.

Downloading Music From an Online Store
Online Music Stores tend to be the most popular choice, partly because they tend to have a larger selection, sell individual songs as well as albums, and in most cases are monitored and legal. It`s a simple case of visiting the website, browsing for the song or album you want before clicking on `Buy` or `Download`; you will then be prompted for payment details before the song(s) are then automatically downloaded to your computer`s hard disk where you can simply transfer them to your portable music player. There are plenty of legal online stores which adhere to copyright laws such as: 7 Digital, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, Tesco Digital and PlayDigital.

Downloading Music From A Subscription Site
Subscription sites tend to be more controversial than online stores simply because in many cases, the copyright procedures aren`t always clear and many tracks are simply `uploaded` onto the sites to be copied without permission or fees for the artists. Theses sites work in a similar way to online stores except that instead of paying per song, you get to download as many tracks as you like for a single monthly subscription fee.

Downloading Music From a Trading Network
Trading Networks have the biggest risks attached. Whilst there may well be the promise of free tracks, in the majority of cases the songs that have been uploaded are simply `ripped` from CD`s by individual users without the authorization of the artists or their record labels (and therefore no fee given). This breech of licensing can result in law suits and fines can be rather hefty. Another recurring problem is that Trading Networks are vulnerable to spyware and computer viruses which can ultimately slow down or even stop your computer from working.

Saving Money
An average music store will charge between 75 and 90 pence per song, and between 7 and 9 for an album; subscription sites range from 6 a month to 35 a year but there are plenty of special offers out there too such as a small joining fee and a week of free downloads before a subscription fee kicks in. Cashback websites are also a great way of storing up `loyalty points` which can then be exchanged for cash. For more details on how this works, visit: Cashback

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