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Internet Downloads

Internet Downloads

100% Free Downloads FOREVER

Use Internet Downloads to search for and download music, full version movies, games and all kinds of software.

Internet Downloads


Free Downloads

Internet Downloads is superb service for downloading all kind of files. Very fast, easy search queries. The MP3 format ensures that your music will be playable on all music players on the market, and with the highest quality. Top video quality ensures superb DVD recordings. Get access to the largest database network on the planet. With over 9 billion files at any time - you're sure to find whatever you are looking for!

Internet Downloads

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Testimonials from a few Internet Download members

"It's much easier than I thought! And downloads are so fast! I downloaded the movie and as you said, it was perfect. Now I am discovering all the music that I can download. This is SO cool! Thanx guys!"

"I'm extremely satisfied with the music and movies databases. I joined one of those pay-per-download sites... nowI am finding anything I want! I will be recommending you to my friends."
Carl Brenston

Some facts about Internet will show you how you can go about downloading all types of files connecting directly to an extensive high-speed database servers network available to all members and developed to provide a user-friendly and enjoyable high speed downloading experience. All software needed is available to members at no cost. Internetdownloads offers direct database downloads and also P2P userguides. The main policy is computer safety and your computer will never be affected by spyware or adware. For this, all members also receive an excellent free anti-spyware / adware software, just in case their computer has been contaminated previously, and for their own security in the future.

Depending on your connection, you will enjoy higher-than-expected download rates for your particular connection speed. A song will download in not more than 3 minutes, a full music album will download in about 20, and a full DVD movie will download in not more than 2 hours using a broadband connection. Users of dial-up modem connections will experience slower download speeds than broadband users.

Members have access to all necessary programs and complete instructions on how to back their material on CDs, DVDs/VCDs. It's not at all complicated and you will enjoy the whole process. Recorded DVDs/VCDs will play on any home DVD player. You can record your audio files on regular CD on any formats as well using the software they provide and play your favorite music on any CD/MP3 player.

Internet Downloads

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