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The Usenet was conceived long before the World Wide Web and is the world’s biggest discussion board. Every day millions of users exchange ideas on almost all kinds of subjects in over 60.000 newsgroups (generally non-moderated). The Usenet contains more than 2500 terabytes of data and 5000 gigabytes are added daily. Through a network of thousands of servers the data of The Usenet is distributed contemporaneously around the world - the advantage: The files are available for a long period of time can be downloaded at maximum DSL speed.

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The Usenet gives you access to tens of thousands of newsgroups with a virtually unlimited amount of information. The attractive UseNeXT packages offer up to 250 GB of download volume at full DSL speed.A particularly interesting part of The Usenet is the Freezone. There one can find freeware in the areas music, videos, games and software to download free of charge. And best of all: No data volume is wasted when downloading from the Freezone!

UseNeXT is one of the leading Usenet access providers. We are proud to have been offering extraordinary service for more than 5 years now: maximum downstream from the first second on. UseNeXT is the only provider that gets you instant access to all 8 server farms of the biggest Usenet providers. As our customer you profit from worldwide availability, system stability, 99.9% complete data and high retention rates. In addition, we offer a high level of experience, safety and quality as well as excellent customer service, which also proves popular with the press.

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