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Raise a Leader

Raise your child to become a leader

Raise Your Child to Become a Leader

Your child is being educated by a system 200 years outdated that destroys the potential for your child to become a leader and is designed to create yet another member of what they call the rat race.

In the "Raise A Leader" program your child will be prepared to take the leap out of the "eagle's nest" and soar to heights unimaginable. Your child will be an independent thinker leading mainstream society towards a better future.

The "Raise A Leader" curriculum is based on the same "leadership education" that many of our founding fathers were brought up on and covers all the components of a Classical Christian Education

Let your child become part of a new generation of brave, brilliant, charismatic and moral leaders who only fear God and not the judgments of man.

"Raise A Leader" is an easy to use Internet based program. Anyone can access it. All you need is an Internet connection and an email address.

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Raise Your Child to Become a Leader


Dear Parents

The public education system intends to teach your child to be an obedient employee rather than a leader. If you think about it, public education is meant to train the masses. The 'elite' want to reserve the leadership of our nation to their own children

If you are interested in discovering the long forgotten leadership secrets that catapulted famous leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc and other great men and women into our history books... and how they can give your child a life of prosperity, success and happiness go to Raise a Leader, you won't want to miss out on this!

Raise Your Child to Become a Leader

The Raise a Leader Mission Statement

We want to provide parents with all the tools necessary for raising righteous and powerful leaders. We want to bring back true patriotism and love for our nation and constitution. The love of liberty and freedom. The respect for God and the understanding that our nation is founded upon Him.

We are doing everything in our power to ensure the success of all our members and the strengthening of their mind, body and spirit. To draw families closer to one another and to draw the individual closer to God.

Raise Your Child to Become a Leader

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