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Earth 4 Energy

Save up to 80% of home electricity on utilizing free energy. This free energy can be easily generated from naturally resources that are available. Few devices are needed to convert these resources into free power. You do not require investing for any other commercially made home power generator, when you have the option to actually build one yourself. We will mention how to save up to 80% of home electricity with those home-made power generators.

Earth 4 Energy is one such program that has shown people how to create a home made solar panel or a wind turbine from junk or parts that are easily available at any local shop. The program contains a simple step-by-step instructional guide that can be followed easily by anyone. The kit involves the procedure of finding all necessarily parts and putting them together. All this can be done for less than $200 (unlike those commercially made ones, that costs at least $1000).

A home-made power generator can be built in less than 3 days. Those living in a area with strong sunlight can take the option of using a solar panel to collect the direct sunlight and convert it into solar power. Those who live in areas with enough wind blowing all the time can make use of the wind turbine to generate wind power for their home. These power generators can help you to save up to 80% of home electricity.

At the times of financial crisis, a wind turbine and/or solar panel can help us to save money on the electricity usage and also keep the environment pollutant free. When we have the option to produce free energy from natural resource, then why pay the utility company for power usage?

Learn how to build a home-made power generator like the solar panel and/or wind turbine at a shoestring budget by following the guide that shows you how to do that with step-by-step detail. Do not entirely depend on the free information downloaded from the internet because if you make a single mistake the entire project can be ruined, or sometimes may put your life in danger. I advise you to follow the guides carefully as they are written by professional environmentalists, who will guide you.

A wind turbine or solar panel can generate 24 kilowatt of power, which is enough to operate a laptop, television and a mobile phone charger.

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Earth 4 Energy



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